Opal Bracelets

Opal bracelet is inlaid with produced blue fire opal. The Good Quality bracelet has a high polish finish, the bracelet stone size is blue fire opal.

The gorgeous blue tones of this stone, inspired by the Caribbean water, make it a fantastic fashion bracelet. You’ll like this fashion-forward opal. Bangle Bracelet with Inlay. The ideal present for every occasion. It’s guaranteed to keep its gold content and colour.

Opal bracelets were formerly thought to possess all of the attributes of each gemstone whose hue was represented in the opal’s colour spectrum, making it a stone of great luck in the Middle Ages.

Opal bracelet is protected from tarnishing with a high-grade Rhodium finish. A gorgeous leatherette gift box houses this great present for anybody seeking for an October Birthstone. Teenagers and women of all ages will love it.

After-Sales Service that is incredible, provide a 100% money-back guarantee and will refund, replace, or swap if you are not satisfied. If you receive the jewellery and are unhappy with it, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue or provide a complete refund.

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