Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Cord Survival Bracelet – Paracord Bracelet with Bow Shackle for Camping and Emergency – 3…

Amazon.com Price: $12.95 (as of 07/08/2022 03:35 PST- Details)

OVERCOME ADVERSITY in the great outdoors with the Firecraft Survival Bracelet by Texas Bushcraft. This patent-pending twist on the military paracord bracelet has 3 extra strands for greater functionality and resilience.
3 ADDITIONAL STRANDS in the Firecraft Utility Bracelet include a water-resistant waxed cotton tinder; a 150D waxed thread for sewing; and a 40-lb test fishing line. All are encased in an abrasion-resistant nylon sheath for durability.
EXCEPTIONAL KNOTTING from Firecraft Cord lets you set up trip wires, tie down tarps or splint injuries securely and with ease. Unlike standard survival cord, our ripcord bracelet has no stiff metal wire or fast-degrading monofilament line.

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